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Trauma Counselling

We can help by using tried and tested techniques to de-arouse the traumatic event, in many cases individuals do not even have to tell us about the event if they choose not to, we may use a combination of therapeutic interventions

Training Workshops

Meeting the current CPD Requirements of the HGI   Our aim is to provide affordable CPD to fellow professionals and others who are interested in improving the mental health and wellbeing of the people they work with or employ. It is our aim to develop bespoke training workshops; and invite guest speakers from many different

Stress Management

Using tried and tested techniques we can help you to reduce your feelings of stress and learn new ways of dealing with stressful situations, improving your self-esteem and confidence.

Residential Therapy

Two and Three Night Residential Programmes   Location: Ipswich, Suffolk   Costs £695.00 for one on on and £895.00 per couple sharing a room (based on a 3 night, 2 full days stay).   To include bed, breakfast and lunch and up to 6 hours of therapeutic interventions, various techniques and strategies. (Please make us

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Counseller Angela Emmerson and Therapist Judith Goldsmith in Ipswich

All members of the Therapy Needs Met team are members of the Human Givens Institute and work in accordance with their code of ethics and good practice.

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Everyone’s situation is different, but we aim to take as few sessions as possible and you can fully expect improvements to begin from the very first session. People rarely need more than six sessions to make significant progress and lasting improvements, though this will obviously depend on the trauma.  We do not charge by the hour because we feel clock watching may hinder the therapeutic process.

We charge our time at £60 per session (not per hour) for an office visit or £75 for a home visit (depending on distance) for private clients.

If however a client can genuinely not afford to pay this amount, the cost can be negotiated.

Ipswich Counselling Treatment

A Therapy Needs Met therapist will focus on helping clients identify unmet emotional needs and empowering them to meet these needs by activating their own natural resources in new ways. To do this they will use a variety of up-to-date, proven techniques aimed at problem solving.

Why choose Therapy Needs Met?

-It facilitates long-lasting improvements

-It takes as few sessions as possible

-Involves minimal dwelling on the past

-It explores your individual needs and resources

-It finds practical solutions to your problems

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Therapy Needs Met gives proficient counselling for people and families in Ipswich, Suffolk.

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