What are the human givens?


Each one of us has basic physical and emotional needs such as the need for attention, love, security, connection and control, and the need for self-esteem which arises from competence and being stretched in our lives.


Nature also gave us the resources to help us meet such needs including: memory, imagination, problem solving abilities, self-awareness and a range of different thinking styles to use in various changing situations. It is these needs and resources together, which are built into our biology.


When emotional needs are not met or when our resources are used incorrectly, we suffer considerable distress. And so do those around us.


An Therapy Needs Met therapist will focus on helping clients identify unmet emotional needs and empowering them to meet these needs by activating their own natural resources in new ways. To do this they will use a variety of up-to-date proven techniques aimed at problem solving.


Why is this approach so effective?


The Human Givens approach draws on the latest findings from psychology and neurobiology about how people really function and what we need to lead fulfilling lives. It also takes into account international research studies that have established which psychotherapeutic techniques are the most effective for relieving a wide range of emotional distress and behavioural difficulties.


Therapy Needs Met therapists do not just endlessly listen to you or attempt to dredge up real or imagined miserable memories from the past, since research shows this tends to confuse and upset people when they are vulnerable and can actually make depression and anxiety worse. Neither do we deal in time wasting and prolonged so-called voyages of ‘self-discovery’. Instead we offer practical help in the here and now, based on a sound body of knowledge and skills that have been proven to be effective.


We have all been trained and rigorously assessed by the Human Givens College, the only psychology college in the UK, which is approved by the British Accreditation Council. The Human Givens approach is supported by Primary Care Mental Health Education (PRIMHE). affiliated with the Royal College of General Practitioners, and as a member of our professional body the Human Givens Institute (HGI), we abide by their professional conduct and ethics policies.


Click here for a link to the evidence so far.


What does this treatment involve?


The treatment involves us finding out about you and the difficulties you are experiencing. More often than not, right from the first session we will also begin using relaxation methods, together with a wide range of other techniques. These exercises work to activate your own natural resources and are key to providing you with immediate relief from psychological stress.