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This approach sounds in-line with the @humangivens approach to #depression, which in essence, as I understand it tackles a #depressed person's emotional well-being and addresses meeting their emotional needs.

Exactly what I have been thinking. To me, it seems pretty reasonable that we should all be aiming to optimise Vitamin D levels at this time.

Highly probably up-side and limited down-side.

Would be interested to know what other clinicians think?


Here is my Granddad leaving the hospital after 2 weeks! He had tested positive for COVID-19 then ended up having Pneumonia. The drs said he was ‘deteriorating’ and the next 24hrs are ‘critical’ but God!

My Granddad is 84 years old and has beaten COVID-19.

Thank you NHS Staff

No matter what your politics, our Prime Minister being in intensive care in the midst of a global pandemic is unsettling and desperately sad. I'm not here for any woke crass takes on this - just don't - and send my best wishes to Carrie, for whom this must be a living nightmare.

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