We continue to share knowledge about the Human Givens Approach and how to over come life challenges. This has been achieved  through advertising and media interviews with the following:


BBC Radio Suffolk October 2010; The East Anglia Daily Times (EADT Life edition) 12 March 2011;  The East Anglia Daily Times eapeople October 20 2012 -Resolving the trauma of war”; the SAM Radio Show-Suffolk, March 2011 BBC; Radio Suffolk's Georgina Wroe programme December 2013 talking about the stresses and strains of Christmas, anxiety and relationships; and February 2014 on the Etholle George programme discussing support for Suffolk Family Carers and the effects of post traumatic stress disorder on the wives and partners of veterans with the condition..

Delivered a presentation to Suffolk Association of Counsellors on the subject of the Human Givens approach to psychotherapy, human needs and resources in 2013. We have an app on android and iphone please see www.appzaps.co.uk. Should you be interested in finding out more about the Human Givens Institute or the Approach please do not hesitate to contact us.