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Story Telling and the use of metaphor can support and enhance therapeutic interventions, when used appropriately. All Registered Human Givens Therapists will have completed a course on how to tell stories and use metaphor effectively as part of their training along with many other different tools and techniques to support their therapeutic interventions. To find out more please click here.


Rob Parkinson author of ‘Transforming Tales’ and Organiser of the Imaginary Journeys Annual Young Peoples’ Writing competition, Rob delivers workshops on the use of stories in therapy, to find out more please click here.


Also, Stories for Life – a new collaboration between Dr Kate Powis and Gavin Roberts (  Provides workshops and classes for a wide variety of people, from professionals who want to know more about how to use stories and metaphor in their work, and anyone else who simply loves the entrancing nature of story and who might be interested in how stories can shape and change lives. To find out more please click here.


Human Givens and Education  – To find out more please click here.


ANDY VASS has taught for 27 years and combines work in schools with training and consultancy. He has held workshops for over 450 schools and local education authorities, which combine highly practical behaviour management skills with new insights into language and powerful communication. He is a therapist and member of the European Therapy Studies Institute. As well as writing articles for the Times Education Supplement, he is co-author of Confident Classroom Leadership, Creating Winning Classrooms, Teaching with Influence, Talking Possibilities and Strategies to Close the Learning Gap. He is a consultant to the Department for Education and Skills on a national programme for behaviour management at primary and secondary phases.


Naming Elephants is a social enterprise which catalyses positive change within individuals, in schools, communities and in business. As a not-for-profit organisation, they work to enable more effective, healthy and meaningful living.


The people behind Naming Elephants are a group with extensive and eclectic expertise in education, coaching, community work and therapeutic practice. They share a set of values, as we do at Ipswich Human Givens, and want to contribute to a healthy and exciting future.


The ENA – Or to you and me, the Emotional Needs Audit. This project is designed to find out how well innate emotional needs are being met in our society — the essential factor in determining stress levels and mental health. This is a project pioneered by the Human Givens Institute to test society’s ’emotional temperature’. To find out if your emotional needs are being met go to


Also look for the latest training available through Ipswich Human Givens on a variety of subjects with Suffolk Training Advice Point.