Testimonials from clients who were asked the question - During the therapy what stood out as being of particular use to you?


Client A (Male) Presenting Issue: Breakdown of marriage and work related stress

'The relaxation techniques and Guided imagery were of huge benefit. Learning to focus on the positives in my life also helped me to change. Also, the relaxing manner of the counsellor were of great help'. 4 sessions


Client B (Female) Presenting Issue: Self Harming 15yr old Daughter

'Taking time to listen and teaching me coping strategies. Working with us as a family to discuss and work on improving our relationships. Listening to my daughter and helping her to get her needs met'. 8 sessions


Client C (Female) Presenting Issue: Sexual Abuse and Relationship difficulties:

'I felt that Angela was able to listen attentively and was able to offer very constructive advice. The relaxation techniques were lovely. It's nice that the sessions finished in a calm way, without the abrupt ending that timed sessions give'. 10 sessions


Woman suffering from trauma after being attacked by dogs.

Normally I would have frozen to the spot so I couldn't believe my response, it has made a big difference."


Young man who was self harming and had been diagnosed with clinical depression:

"Things are much better now, I'm getting on with my life and enjoying it."


Mother of client with flying phobia.

"My daughter overcame her fear of flying and flew to Italy the following week."


This approach sounds in-line with the @humangivens approach to #depression, which in essence, as I understand it tackles a #depressed person's emotional well-being and addresses meeting their emotional needs. https://twitter.com/HilaryJHendel/status/1247148098381627393

Exactly what I have been thinking. To me, it seems pretty reasonable that we should all be aiming to optimise Vitamin D levels at this time.

Highly probably up-side and limited down-side.

Would be interested to know what other clinicians think?

#VitaminD https://twitter.com/konnygsaxman/status/1247407590776229889

Here is my Granddad leaving the hospital after 2 weeks! He had tested positive for COVID-19 then ended up having Pneumonia. The drs said he was ‘deteriorating’ and the next 24hrs are ‘critical’ but God!

My Granddad is 84 years old and has beaten COVID-19.

Thank you NHS Staff

No matter what your politics, our Prime Minister being in intensive care in the midst of a global pandemic is unsettling and desperately sad. I'm not here for any woke crass takes on this - just don't - and send my best wishes to Carrie, for whom this must be a living nightmare.

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